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Alison Cox

Life and Living Consultant

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rekindle the flame between you and your life?

What if 30 minutes is all you need to change ANY area of your life?








Step 1: 

Choose a 30 Minute or 60 Minute Session via Zoom, Pay, & come back to this page and push the "Sign Up Here" button!

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Press the "Sign Up Here" button and fill out the form!

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The NOT so fine Print!

  • All session are distance via Zoom. You will get a recording! 

  • Session MUST be used within one month of purchase

  • No splitting sessions/Full value used at once

  • Not valid with any other offer

Let's be honest...

Life can be a little EFFED UP sometimes. The money can be scarce, your sex life might be dormant, your body feels like crap, and you're thinking maybe living out the rest of your life in a small dark cave would be better than, well, dealing with any of it.

Here's where I come in!!

My name's Alison Cox and I'm an Intuitive Life Coach and Certified Access Consciousness® Facilitator.

What the hell does that mean?

I have magical question asking powers that help people kick their crappy life habit, ask for bigger, better and greater lives to show up (and start getting results same day!), and change literally ANYTHING they think they have a problem with.


Sound to good to be true?

I know... it does sound too good be true.

But I wouldn't be making this ridiculous offer if it was. I've already worked with hundreds of people globally to shift and change their lives in as little as 30 minutes who were then able to begin to create the changes they were asking for!


I can't MAKE you do it! You have to push the button, you have to ask for the change, and you have to be the one to make the choice to choose what's going to change for you.

And I'll be there every step of the way supporting you!

It can be one of the most beautiful, challenging, intense, and hardest things to do, but it's worth all the effort once you start seeing results!

More money. 
Better Relationships. 
More Love. 
More Peace. 
Better Sex.
Better Body.

What would you like to change?

Let's change it together!

"I see so many ladies around me stressing about sleeping with men, letting weird society shame affect them and their value as a human being and just not OWNING their supersexiness... working with you has helped me get over that SOOO MUCH I can't really even express it in words. Thanks for helping me live my best life!" - J.K.

"Thank you for picking me up out of the shit and get me smelling good again!" W.S. (LOL!)

"It's like you surgically remove all my problems, Thank you!" - Sarah B

I cannot express to you how much I LOVE doing what I do, and helping people grow and expand into what they always KNEW was possible...


They just weren't sure how to get there.